Holidays riding in Doñana

Walk through the Doñana Park, the Village of El Rocío, and some of the “Caminos Rocieros”. Go into the territory of the Iberian lynx with the valuable company of deers, foxes and birds. Gallop following the path of nature on the back of a horse and guided by a technical riding instructor. Choose the option you prefer to live this experience. On horseback or in carriage.


Horseback riding through the surroundings of the Doñana National Park will be an unforgettable experience. It runs through the Doñana Park, the itinerary of the “Saca de las Yeguas”, the Village of El Rocío, and some of the “Caminos Rocieros” that run through the brotherhoods in the Romería del Rocío.


No more noise than the footprints of the horses you will appreciate every detail of the spectacular nature that surrounds you. Along the routes through Doñana, you will enter the territory of the Iberian lynx, and your companions will not be other than deers, foxes and various emblematic birds of the area and if you are lucky you will be able to see the Lynx.


Surrounded by the Doñana National Park is the picturesque village of El Rocío, called “Aldea Internacional del Caballo”. Visit its unique sand streets, discovering all the secrets that it jealously guards in each coquettish corner of this picturesque village, impregnating us with the particular atmosphere that it possess up to the Hermitage of the Virgen del Rocío. It borders the “Marisma de Doñana”, enjoying its incomparable views.


  • Day 1: 

We start our holidays on horseback with the arrival of the participants to the “Aldea del Rocío”, where we wait for your location in the Hotel and continue with a dinner in a restaurant where the itinerary of the following days will be exhibited.


  • Day 2:

We start with a good breakfast at the Hotel, then we move 2 km from El Rocío to the farm where the horses are. We will know the facilities and the horses that will accompany us in our adventure, which we will distribute according to the level of each person.

Then we will go into the Doñana National Park along the “Camino de Moguer”, one of the paths used by the brotherhoods to reach El Rocío during “La Romería”. We walk parallel to “el Arroyo de la Rocina” and we will see how our forest environment changes from pine forests to cork oaks and wet floors with large ferns. After a few trots and gallops along sandy paths and through streams, we will arrive at an old forest town called “Cabezudos” where a succulent rural lunch wait us. After the rest we will continue our route returning to El Rocío.

We will enjoy a rest before dinner.


  • Day 3:

Our third day starts with the buffet breakfast at the hotel, then we move to the farm to pick up the horses.

This route begins through the village of El Rocío (International Horse Village), trotting through its sand streets we will arrive at the church of the Virgen del Rocío, which gives the town its name and it is famous for its Pilgrimage. From here we will continue our route along the path followed by the horses in the "Saca de las Yeguas", crossing areas where strawberries and red fruits are grown, forests and streams will reach the “Alto de la Piedra” where we will stop for lunch.

After a rest we will continue the route towards the Rocío by the “Camino de la Virgen”, this is the route that the “Virgen del Rocío” performs every 7 years in its “Traslado a Almonte”.

We will enjoy a rest before dinner.


  • Day 4:

We arrived on our fourth day starting as before, with a big breakfast at the hotel and moving to the farm where we will pick up the horses.

As the previous day we will start our route crossing El Rocío, crossing the edge of the “Marisma de Doñana” and some of its streets, but this time we will go to the Ajolí bridge, an emblematic wooden bridge that is the entrance to the northern area of ​​the National Park of Doñana and arrival of the pilgrims in the “Romería del Rocío”. We will walk with trotting and galloping paths surrounded by nature, entering in the territory of the Iberian lynx and we will find various animals such as deers, wild boar and the lynx, our horses will be the first to detect them, indicating with their ears that an animal is near. Following our route we will arrive at the “Palacio del Rey”, one of the Palaces of Doñana where kings and nobles were staying during their hunts, and where a succulent lunch wait us with our horses.

After a break we will start the route doing trotting and galloping sessions, and to El Rocío where we will have some snacks and refreshments on horseback.

We will enjoy a rest before the last dinner.


  • Day 5:

Our last day at El Rocío starts with breakfast at the Hotel and farewell of the riders until the next adventure.


  • Horses and riding material.

  • Helmet.

  • Technical riding guide.

  • RC insurance. and accidents.

  • Transfer from the Hotel to the farm.

  • 4 hotel nights in a double room and breakfast.

  • 3 campers lunches during the routes.

  • 4 dinners in an arranged restaurant.

  • Support of a car during the routes.


Drinks included in lunches and dinners: water, soft drinks and wine. Alcoholic beverages not included.

Request information on special diets.

Not included

  • ​​Extras not mentioned.

  • Transfer to El Rocío. (request transfer from Seville, € 90 per car, maximum 4 people)(If you prefer to rent a car you can Here)

  • Flights (You can book your flight Here)

  • Travel insurance or others.

  • Alcoholic drinks.

  • Appetizers and refreshments outside of the main meals.

  • Supplement for single use 90 €

Additional Information

  • Where is it done?

We visited the village of El Rocío and the Doñana National Park, province of Huelva, Andalucia, Spain.

  • When it's made?

Through all the year, from Monday to Friday.

See if you are interested in other days or extend your stay.

  • How long does it last?

The stay is 4 nights, 3 days riding a horse.

Between 4 and 6 hours riding a horse per day.

  • Group size

The start is confirmed with a minimum of 2 riders and a maximum of 8, we can organize special groups with more participants, see options.

  • Rider's level

The riders must have a medium level, they must be able to climb the horse without help and can jog and gallop in the open field, maximum weight 100 kg.

  • Horses

Our horses live in freedom in their meadow and are perfectly cared for and trained for these routes, they are of different breeds: Pure Spanish Breed (PRE), Spanish Sport Horse (CDE), Arab Hispanic (Há), Luso-Arabic

  • Saddles

We use different types of saddles: Spanish, English and cowgirls.

  • Activities for No riders

There are many activities for companions who do not ride on horseback, from doing some of the routes by horse-drawn carriage, 4x4 routes through Doñana, to visiting the wine museum or spending a day at the beach, see options.

  • Do not forget

Long pants, closed shoes, if you have clothes and riding boots is ideal, sun cream.


Tel: (0034) 654 742 743

Registro de turismo activo: AT/HU/00081

C/ Camino de Moguer, s/n

El Rocío (Huelva)

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